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One of the principle purposes of the Litchfield Area Community Foundation is to promote and facilitate the distribution of charitable donations to our area. Since 2008, many lives were enriched thanks to $20,000 in grants being distributed in our area.

If you live in Litchfield or one of the following townships you are eligible: Acton | Cedar Mills | Danielson | Darwin | Ellsworth | Forest City | Forest Prairie | Green Leaf | Harvey | Kingston | Litchfield | Manannah

Applications must be a 501c3 organization, unit of government or be a partner with a qualifying organization to receive funds.  We offer two grant cycles, one ending on March 1 and one ending on September 1.  For more information, send a request to:

Some of Our Projects

City Programs

For the cities of Litchfield and the surrounding area... Awards from the LACF help to improve infrastructure and beautify public areas. Grant dollars have also been used when our community has an emergency. SWIF and the LACF partnered to establish a tornado recovery fund in 2016 when Meeker County was hit with at least four tornadoes. Dollars were raised for the tornado victims in this area to help with the financial burden of recovering from the destruction of the storms.

Civic Programs

From the Meeker County Emergency Foundation to the MN 4H Foundation, the LACF strives to further the enrichment of the Lives of our community members. Whether using funds to beautify local highways, or help create new recreational areas, the Litchfield Area Community Foundation is there for many organizations.

Grove City CARE

The program is building a Pathway to Fitness which consists of a cement path on the outside of South Grove Apartments for walking safely outdoors. Fitness equipment will be added as well as a picnic table.