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Litchfield Area Community Foundation Grants

The mission of the Litchfield Area Community Foundation (LACF) is to promote and facilitate charitable giving for the enrichment of the Litchfield area.

Purpose:  All projects should be focused on improving the Litchfield area.

Geographical Focus:  City of Litchfield and townships in the ISD 465 School District, including Litchfield, Harvey, Manannah, Forest City, Kingston, Acton, Greenleaf, Ellsworth, Danielson, Darwin and Cedar Mills.

Range of requests:  $500 to $2000 –  The LACF reserves the right to partially or fully fund requests.

Primary focus of giving:

Arts, culture, humanities
Health and safety
At-risk youth
Youth development
Community Club/Organizations

Proposals not funded:

Religious activities
Political activities
Annual campaigns
Debt reduction
Operating expenses
Public School requests
Required criteria:

*Applicants must be a 501c(3)organization, a unit of government, or be in partnership with a qualifying organization   who is willing to accept responsibility for the project.

*Applicants must complete the grant application in full and submit by the deadline.

*Applicants must clearly state outcomes and measurable goals.

*Applicants must list/specify the amount of project funds as budgeted by your organization, requested from and give the source, or pledged and give the source.

*Applicants must recognize the LACF on all announcements and promotions for the project.

*Applicants must incorporate an innovative approach and avoid duplication of efforts.


Deadline:  The deadline for applications is April 30, 2023 4:00 p.m.

Applications:  Please send an email to: You will then be sent instructions for applying,

Submitting:  On-line applications must be completed.  Late applications will not be considered.


Litchfield Community Foundation
219 North Sibley Avenue
Litchfield, MN 55355